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Itching for seasonal produce!

I am 4 weeks away from my 26 week CSA to start, and I am dying for some seasonal produce that is FRESH and LOCAL!

In the meantime, I am supplementing with what is available while trying to remain in budget.

This week's menu:


2 egg 1 banana pancakes

Raisin Bread Toast with peanut butter & yogurt



Crepes stuffed with ham & cheese with broccoli + grapes

Buttered Pasta, hard boiled egg + carrots & nectarines


Greek salad with hard boiled eggs

Turkey sandwiches

Soup from the freezer (this week will be broccoli cheddar and split pea)


Stir Fried Rice with egg

Chicken Parmesan over zoodles

Steaks with baked potatoes (for the adults) & tater tots (for the kids) & green beans







Chips + Cheese

Total grocery bill this week: $81

From the freezer: Chicken Breast, Steak, Broccoli, Soup

Pantry stocked items: crepe mix, peanut butter, basmati rice, coconut aminos, bread crumbs, raisins, olives

Want great chicken? Pork? Beef? www.metrodetroitcrunchyclub.com has you set.

Meander the site and see all the ways to save for your family!

Bulk Spices & Sundries: Frontier

Organic (& Conventional) grains, seeds, nuts, snacks, dried fruit, canned goods: Country Life

Organic & Free range meat: Head to the store for bi-weekly deals -OR- click on Special Buys for bulk purchasing availability

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