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broke. week 8

Our garage project has taken a turn for the worse, and money is tiiiiight. This is the perfect time to utilize my OCD skillz.....wouldn't you know, I have a ton of stuff already in the house due to my compulsive disorder! :P

The goal this week was to only buy what we absolutely needed, which in our house consists of yogurt (smoothies are a staple), milk (I swear my 2 year old is a baby calf with how much milk she consumes), formula for the baby (cus I have to feed her, right?), fruit & greens. So, the grocery bill came in at $32.

We will be having...

-Bean & Cheese quesadillas


-Freezer Meal (I will eat the Tikka Masala & Will & kiddo will have the Beef Stew)

-Bbq Chicken & caramelized onion lentils with broccoli

Breakfasts will be smoothies

Lunches will consist of PB&J, Grilled Cheese or Mac n Cheese with assorted fruits & veg

$32 whaaat?

I've actually never spent more than $125 on groceries, and any reason I hit as high as $125 is because I see some deal on something I know we will use.

I always have extra noodles, tortillas, bread & canned crushed tomatoes on hand. I buy cheese in bulk, shred & freeze. The pantry is always stocked with lentils, beans, a few different rices, farro & barley.

I buy potatoes and onions in bulk and freeze if they start to go bad before I get the chance to use them.

The cow & pig share helps tremendously, and when chicken goes on sale in our club, I stock up!

I am so excited for our CSA share to start this season...I already pre-paid, so our share that shows up every Wednesday should cut our grocery bill down even more. I also have herbs, eggplant & lettuce bowls growing in my backyard, so aside from the apples I will have to buy (until Sept), I'm hoping I literally go to the store for milk & yogurt!

What are you staples? What do you turn to on a tight week? Please share!

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